We Disconnect: To Reconnect Email Newsletter Launches Sunday

Red Barn by tpsdave

I’m happy to announce¬†the twice monthly We Disconnect: To Reconnect newsletter archived here at wedisconnect.com. It will be sent on the first and third Sunday mornings of each month.

But since I didn’t want to wait till May, the first issue will be sent this Sunday. You can subscribe via TinyLetter.

In addition to mini-essays on the topic of disconnecting from mass media consumption, web surfing smartphone checking and other interruptive or addictive practices, I will be sharing links to information available on, wait for it, the web.

We Disconnect will not take an absolutist stance. Instead I’ll be exploring a broad continuum from social media vacations to going entirely off the grid. In addition, this newsletter is not simply about disconnecting because We Disconnect: To Reconnect.

You can find out more about the thinking behind this project from my first post when I was planning on blogging about the topic. Instead this blog will serve as an archive of newsletters.

Want to connect? Feel free to email me at clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com or follow twitter.com/disconnectblog.

Note the great image you’ll see on the We Disconnect twitter account is:
“Girl Scout Circle of Friends” Courtesy Woodleywonderworks